Rob Ackroyd's Gold SteelMaster

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The July Guitar Player Ad features Rob Ackroyd of Florence + the Machine with his Shiny Gold SteelMaster backstage at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Rob & SteelMaster

The Details:

Shiny Gold Gator SteelMaster
Gator Engraved Top, Pickguard, and Headcap
Sugar Pine Body | Metallic Gold Finish
62 Maple Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard
Arcane Inc. JazzMasters (Neck and Bridge)
and Jazz90 (Middle)
Serial #12054

For more information on Florence + the Machine:

Florence + the Machine Website

FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2012

Charlie Sexton & SteelPhonic

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The June Guitar Player Ad features Charlie Sexton with a SteelPhonic.

Charlie & SteelPhonic

The Details:

Antique Silver Gator SteelPhonic
Gator Engraved Top, Pickguard, and Headcap
59 Grey Stained Maple Neck with a Maple Fingerboard
Arcane Inc. Mini Humbuckers

For more information on Charlie:

Charlie's Facebook Page

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